You want a New Roof without the Mess?

When it comes to having a New Roof installed, there is usually a big mess that comes along with the job. This can sometimes make a homeowner hesitant about getting a new roof installed. If you are worried about your lawn or flower beds getting destroyed from falling shingles or nails, then having a New Roof No Mess system is right for you. The Equipter is our New Roof No Mess solution, Why should you choose New Roof No Mess?

The Equipter is a self-propelling Trailer that is able to lift, tow, dump, and rise. It can simply be hooked to a truck and towed to the jobsite. The Equipter can be lifted up to 12′ allowing it to get right up to the roofline of your house. This allows for the old shingles to be dumped into the trailer rather than your lawn or flower beds. It has a tight turning radius allowing it to reach difficult spots and the weight is evenly distributed so that it does not leave marks on your lawn. The tailgate rises to allow the debris to be unloaded into a larger container. The Trailer is designed to decrease cleanup time and improve overall production.

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